Friday, August 26, 2011

Warning: Rant Ahead

My 7th period class single-handedly made the lyrics "giving hot mess a new meaning" a reality for me today. I am not exactly sure what happened 5th period, but they came in all emotional. They were visibly upset and crying, not to mention that one student could not enter the classroom they were so upset. The last thing I want to do on a Friday is clean up a mess that I do not know how it started!

They were supposed to take their first vocabulary definition test today, but after surveying how they entered the room I needed to somehow clear the toxic environment that they brought into my classroom. So, I did what I thought would clear the slate...I read my two favorite stories: John, Paul, George and Ben and The Greedy Zebra. Reading those stories did the trick...whatever happened disappeared and my 7th graders were back to their normal middle school selves. Thank goodness! Not to mention that several of them did well on their first definition test!

Now the stories made them feel better and me a little, but I needed a little extra. So, I did some mindless wondering in Hobby Lobby, Kohls and The Dollar Store. I do not drink, however, my drink of choice when situations like this occur is Sprite...don't ask me soothes me.
Kohls find
Top flips to double as a mini coffee table
Has ample storage space inside
Made out of leather
Yep, that's right
The original price was $149.00 which is ridiculous!
Who would pay that?
80% off
I paid $30...Saved $120

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Classroom flashback

Oh how my classroom has changed! Pictures of my first classroom have surfaced on an old camera and I could not believe the difference between then and now. I have taught in the same classroom for the last three years. The first year I was a Science teacher and since then have transferred to Language Arts. So excuse the plant cells and skeletons posters they have been replaced by parts of speech and literary elements poster.
I miss DNA and Cells


Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Clothes Line

My advice for new teachers takes place outside of the classroom. Yes, setting up classroom procedures and making parent contact frequently is important, but how you prepare for your week can be just as important. One thing that I do to make my week smoother is prepare my clothes for the entire week.  There have been weeks where I do not prepare my clothes and end up rushing in the morning ironing...not fun!  I love being able to just relax in the evening knowing that everything is prepared for the days ahead.  Plus I am pretty sure I look more put together when I prepare ahead of time...well at least I think so.
I typically fling clothes on the bed and then iron down the line. This process of selecting and ironing usually takes an hour to complete everything...not too bad.
On each hanger I hang a small jewelry bag that I have collected from American Eagle. Each bag contains that outfits jewelry for the day.
 Here is an example of a days bow bracelet and pearl lace bow earrings.
 I have become dependent on wearing a watch if I do not you will find me with a timer clipped to my shirt...not fashionable.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Who Am I

At the beginning of the school year every teacher created a bio poem for open house. I did not follow the rules to the tee, but I came close enough. The line where we had to write three fears took me forever to come up with. Last year, I put roaches and throughout the year plastic roaches kept on popping up in my room. So I was sure not to put anything that could make a guest appearance in my room. I should of put Starbucks gift cards, sunflowers and chocolate...maybe next year!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Passing Notes

Last week one of my little 6th grade classes decided to join the age old middle school ritual...passing notes. Might I add that the culprits were sitting right next to one another? I watched for a while and then gave them "the look" and the passing stopped. They did however give me an idea to implement with other 6th graders.

I somehow forget how little and helpless 6th graders are at the beginning of the school year. They make me grateful that my 7th and 8th graders know what is expected of them!
I decided to write the little ones notes to encourage them as they adjust to middle school life. I wrote them each a post-it note message and handed them out as they were walking in class. They seemed a little confused and acted as if they were in trouble, little did they know that they were about the receive a dose of positivity.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Goal Setting

For open house I wanted parents to develop goals for their students new school year
Before open house...waiting to be filled with goals
Goal setting station for parents to sit and write
A couple parents wrote their goals in Spanish
Parent goals are being pinned on the board all on yellow post-its
During the first two days of school students developed goals for themselves on blue post-its
I created two goal quotes off of a dollar store find.
There are so many wonderful goals that are pinned on the board
I cannot wait to see these goals take flight

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Week inspirations

Week two here we go
Hopefully little 6th graders will start getting into the swing of good ole' middle school

Pinterest is oh so much fun
Oh the possibilities
 This beautiful quote goes out to all 6th graders
I hope you are ready for a great week

Saturday, August 13, 2011

August Birchbox

This month's Birchbox has arrived! I love seeing a hot pink box in the mail...such a wonderful surprise!
Unfortunately, this was the least impressive Birchbox to date. Thankfully, there have been amazing boxes that make up for this month!
Befine night cream
Blinc mascara...missing from my box
Kate Spade New York Twirl...smells nice
Twistband...I have always wanted to try these hair bands

I have received a couple Befine products in my boxes and have loved everyone! I cannot wait to see how wonderful these new Befine products are!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Teacher's lunch

First week of school is going wonderfully
more to follow

As odd as this might sound...I decided to document what I have been taking in my lunch the first week of school
turkey sandwich-pita chips-hummus-cheese stick-apple sauce-apple-carrots
 Day TWO
chicken wrap w/ lettuce and tomato-pita chips-hummus-apple sauce-pudding-cheese stick-strawberries & blueberries
chicken with broccoli-strawberries & blueberries-apple sauce-carrots-cheese stick-snack well caramel corn
pita-cheese-pizza sauce-turkey peperoni-strawberries & blueberries-Greek yogurt w/strawberries
black beans-rice-chicken-blueberries & strawberries-carrots-pita chips-hummus-carrots-cheese sticks

//Side note\\
I can eat pita chips and hummus everyday

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Label Slapper

Two weeks ago I attended a three day training.
I learned and practiced a lot of new strategies to use with my students this year.
On the last day the presenter said something that caught my attention

"More students are structurally disabled
 than learning disabled."

If a student is consistently not adapting to classroom structure we would rather slap a label on them; than change our ways.

As you start your new school year consider ways that will benefit all types of learners in your classroom. If you come across a student who is having difficulty falling into daily routines do not automatically assume they have a disability. Try everything you can before you slap a label on them because that label may never come off!

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Let the games begin

Open house was today
We had a pretty good turn out for ESE
World tapestry from Urban Outfitters
The lamps are from Ikea
I am not a fan of ceilings lights
The room may look a little dark, but when the lambs and smart board is on there is plenty of light

I made two slide shows
One with students pictures from last year and then this years syllabus
The banners in all their glory
I am very excited for this upcoming year!
 Third years a charm!!

//Cherry on top\\
A few 8th graders from last year came by to say hello
I tried to convince them to come back
They decided to go onto H.S.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Out of the ordinary

Taking a break from the classroom to try a new nail polish technique
Pick two nail polish
I picked
Sally's Celeb City
Essie's Lilacism
First coat Silver
Make sure you have hole reinforcements for the second part
Cut the hole reinforcements in half and place them on top of your nails
Make sure your first coat is completely dry before placing the circles on top
Paint the second color over the white half circles
Peel the half circles to reveal your painted masterpiece

Monday, August 1, 2011

Never Ending Project

I wish I could say these took a day to make, but these little puppies were a summer long project

spray adhesive
hot glue gun

Come up with sayings you would like to display on your banners
I picked these six sayings because they are mini sayings in my classroom
After you have
the letters
Layout the letters how you want them
For some reason I do not own a a knife took its place

I ended up decoupaging the letters to make them stiff and trimed the fringe on the edges
Spray each letter individually with spray adhesive
which is my new bff
Apply pressure to the letters to help them stay put on the fabric
I took fabric strips and braided them
hot glued them to the sticks

Motivational Banners for the classroom