Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Barefoot teacher

 Today I ditched my shoes and went barefoot to bring awareness to children that go without. I have to admit that in the middle of the night I was wishing the day was done because I just wanted to get this barefootness over with. Walking out of the door this morning in my work clothes with naked feet was a completely foreign feeling. I was hoping to spend the morning in my classroom preparing for the day and not putting my shoeless feet on display, but there was a faculty FCAT meeting in the media center...Oh joy. I marched my slowly becoming filthy feet up to the meeting waiting for someone to comment. A few people noticed my feet and asked why I would go without my shoes; which I explained why. The meeting finally ended just as the bell rang to let the students in. Which allowed for the perfect opportunity for my toes to be stepped on as I made my way back to my classroom...and so the day of teaching without shoes began
1st period- no students noticed...they are usually just waking up
3rd period- less than five minutes..."miss what happened to your shoes, did someone steal them?"
5th period-as they are walking through the door "miss you know you have no shoes on"
7th period-"I heard you forgot your shoes today " I allowed students that wanted to go barefoot take off their shoes...it only lasted 10 minutes as most of them found the feeling of being shoeless strange.

I showed all of the classes that noticed my bare feet the TOMS video so they could get a better understanding for why I went without shoes. After the video I discussed the fact that there are students that would love to go to school, but cannot because they do not have shoes. I told them that they are extremely blessed that they get to spend every day learning and how there are so many children that wished they could do the same. Most of the students were very quiet after the video and my mini speech.

Bell rings and I examine my now black speckled feet which slightly burned. All in all I could not imagine teaching barefoot every day. I am glad that I experienced a little piece of what children go through without having shoes.

//Cherry on top\\
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  1. Wow I respect your courage on going barefoot at school. You have a crooked little toe and still the confidence to bare them! I have all perfectly straight toes and do not have your kind of confidence. I am a middle school teacher myself and I am envious of your courage even though all your toes are not perfect. You rock!!


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