Sunday, November 24, 2013

Attitude vs. Ability

In the land of ESE there are many possibilities. Some students posses great ability while other are lacking. Over the years I have found that the one thing that makes the biggest impact on a student's ability is their attitude. If I had to choose between a student that is low, but has an outstanding attitude and a student that is high and has horrible attitude; I would pick the low student without a doubt! 
This year I have a class that has two students that fit into the category above. One is very optimistic, you know the type butterflies and sunshine every single day, while the other will fall apart and venture into the land of despair if someone looks at them wrong. I love them both, but they could not be more night and day.  There really should be some sort of color code in ESE to categorize certain students. 

The odd thing is that ability and attitude is really determined by the person themself; outsiders may try to influence it, but at the end of the day it's up to them. You can change your ability level if your are dedicated as well as your attitude if you shift your perspective. Sure having a disability can be a burden at times, but having a poor attitude only makes it worse. 

I know this first hand because in upper elementary school my outlook on my disability was pretty sour. My dad would give me pep talks regarding my attitude toward school and my stubbornness did not want to listen. One day he gave me a pad of paper that had the quote above on it. The pad sat on my desk and while I was completing hour three of homework nightly I would occasionally glance at the quote. Eventually,  my attitude melted away and I was able to embrace my disability as well as transform my attitude.  

Friday, November 22, 2013

What makes up a sentence

There will always be lessons that I am not thrilled about. I try to finagle a way to not teach a certain topic, but eventually I run out of reasons so I might as well dive right in. One such lesson was on clauses...ugh! To be honest I struggle sometimes with the reasons why students need to be taught certain lessons. Why in the world do they need to know the difference between main and subordinate clause? Originally, I thought teaching students to identify clauses would be pointless and a giant waste of time.  Then I slowly changed my mind as I thought of ways to teach this topic and how it would benefit them. 
We first began by just defining what made up a sentence. They filled out notes in their notebooks. Then we used the Smart board to sort all the different types of sentences. 
Next, they were given an article and they had to identify main and subordinate clauses as they read. They had to circle conjunctions that would help them identify the clause. 
For the last step in this lesson,  I copied the sentences they identified in the article as to having a main or subordinate clause and passed out highlighters. We read the sentences out loud and they highlighted what portion of the sentence was main or subordinate. This lesson took at least three days to complete, but once it was over I was glad I decided to teach clauses.

This lesson eventually lead the 8th graders to a show and not tell lesson.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

The 4 sentences


Every year this lesson comes up and I am not one to use the same lesson over and over again. So this year I incorporated our novel that the 6th graders are reading. After they understood the difference between the four types of sentences they read a chapter and identified as many of those sentences while reading. While reading they referenced their fold-able on the four types of sentences in their notebook.
 Then they were asked to write their own sentences by using a table in their interactive notebook. They also used the smart board to sort the four types of sentences.
I always enjoy teaching the four types of sentences because its so simple and easy for students to grasp.

Monday, November 18, 2013

Interactive notebook set up

I made a few minor changes to our interactive notebook this year. It took us about a day to set it up. I wish there was a button that would magically put everything into their notebook without wasting time cutting and gluing. The page by page directions were on the white board and each page was on the back counter. The first couple of pages contained: classroom expectations, top five hand, interactive notebook rubric, rules for the notebook, quarterly goals and vocabulary data for quarter one. 
I love using interactive notebooks for so many reasons. They are a great tool for documenting student work as well as keeping students engaged in the lesson and since our Language Arts textbooks are older than the sun itself its our only real option.

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Point of View

By the looks of this picture you probably think I'm a pretty nice person. 
Which is partially true. 
The thing is your point of view is limited. You have no idea who this student is. Allow me to create a visual for you: a scrawny Ray Romano. Now if you are like me and have watched Every Body Loves Raymond at least four times through from beginning to end you know that Ray can be a little annoying and a tad bit selfish at times. You also know what irritates him and may be tempted to push his buttons and he will gladly push them right back! 

Well you see those minuscule pencils on the left...they have a name. They are this students "babies" one time in class he dropped one on the floor and was frantically searching for his "baby." The name is semi-appropriate because when using these worthless pencils to write with will result in your handwriting to look babyish. 

On Thursday I had finally reached my breaking point with these little nubs. During lunch I kidnapped all of the babies and replaced what I took with a brand new full grown "family." I didn't say anything to the student I just waited for him to discover this gift inside his pencil pouch. 

While the class was studying for their spelling test I noticed that Chris was scavenging through his pencil pouch in desperate search of his precious pencils. This lasted a good three minutes and he never even bothered with the new pack of pencils. He finally gave up and pulled out a pen which prompted me to remind the class that they need to use a pencil for their test...back to the scavenging he went searching for his babies. I walked over to Chris and asked if he needed a pencil and he grumbled under his breath no "I have a pen" I asked him what about those new pencils gesturing to the brand new pack...he mumbled something and pulled out a pencil. 

Spelling test is over and we are into our lesson. I notice that Chris is sitting at his desk, not completing his work, but sharpening those brand new pencils to a nub. I casually walk over and stick out my hand motioning for him to hand over the pencil this point I can tell he is less than thrilled with my act of kindness, but he unwillingly hands over the pencil sharpener. He sits at his desk silently fuming at his normal size pencil...although he is doing his work.

Bell rings and my planning begins

I decide to spy on little Chris...because apparently I have nothing else better to do. I walk past his reading class and I can see him sitting in his desk and what is he doing...
sharpening those darn pencils to a nub!

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Three letters

Being in ESE acronym jargon is thrown around weekly.

The sad thing with this jargon is that a student can loose their identity with it. Instead of being a 6th grade boy who is bright and excels in math they become a victim to the system and perhaps even a burden to others.
They no longer have a name, but a couple of letters and numbers overtake who they are. 

Oh you know he is a K and scored a 175 in math, he's non ESOL, but he has SLD and his matrix score is an 10. The more you can add to the list the least appealing he or any other student becomes to the general education system. 

But what if we stripped students of their labels and test score numbers? What if we just taught students without really focusing on the fact that they are ESE or whatever else they are? Why should they be restricted due to how the educational system views them? I mean after all they are the ones that gave them the labels to begin with, right?

Thankfully, there are three letters that are here to help students like this receive the most appropriate and least restrictive education they deserve.


To give some background on these three letters let's have a little history lesson:
In general, to maximum extent appropriate, children with disabilities, including children in public or private institutions or other care facilities, are educated with children who are not disabled, and special classes, separate schooling, or other removal of children with disabilities from the regular educational environment occurs only when the nature or severity of the disability of a child is such that education in regular classes with the use of supplementary aids and services cannot be achieved satisfactorily.

Now I'm just guessing, but removing a child after five days of being in a general education class probably is not enough time to allow him to be successful? 

And let us not forget that there have been court cases surrounding these three letters too. I suppose I'm taking this issue a little too personally, but unfortunately I am a human being with emotions that just happens to be passionate about students with disabilities. Not only am I probably overly passionate, but I was a victim of not being provided LRE in the public school system during my first couple of years in high school; so much so that I decided to become home schooled. 

For those that are still wondering what LRE stands for Least Restrictive Environment
Oh and let's not forget that an IEP is a legal document. 

Wednesday, October 16, 2013


I think I saw this poor word get butchered every way possible on the last spelling test. One student even put a "q" in it! Now granted if I was in middle school I'm pretty sure I would of spelled it wrong too; it's somewhat of a miracle I can spell it correctly now. During my last class I decided to save this words life by bribing my students to spell it correctly.
Last week groups of Language Arts teachers were given a sub so we could grade our essays. And what goes with a day filled with essay grading...chocolate!
F.A.S.T. F.O.W.A.R.D
I still had little bite sizes left over and this is were the bribing took place. I told them that if everyone spelled that word correctly they could have a piece of candy. Do you want to guess how many students spelled that word and all it took was a little square of chocolate.

The semi odd thing is that I had two students that failed the test miserably and yet they managed to spell the most challenging word correctly

Go figure

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Common Core

About a month ago the kind people at Carson-Dellosa sent some common core material to try out
I've been using them for the last couple of weeks in the classroom
and I have found them to be very useful.
I'm a visual/tactile learner by nature and have always hated shifting through all the standards on the computer when creating lesson plans. These new cards have made the process much more enjoyable because the standards are now at my fingertips. They all begin with a "I can" statement and use student friendly words. Each standard is on the corner of each card
Each standard is divided into categories. The language arts categories for 6th, 7th and 8th grade are:
Reading standards for literature
Reading standards for informational text
Writing standards
Speaking and listening standards
Language standards
The font is clear and easy to read. I tried placing them on the white board next to the days objective and found the font too small to read from a distance. I can see these cards being used during centers by displaying each activities standards.
Overall, I like the simplicity these cards have given me. All of the standards are at my finger tips. Plus they are glossy and allow you to write on the back of the card when the standard was used. 

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Magic Dust

Usually when a student is transferred into my class it's not because they are lighting the world on fire.
Prior to them arriving I am typically told all the wonders they bring into a classroom
you know...
They're lazy
They never write
Can't read
Are incredibly low
and basically are a waste of space

After the motivating list has commenced I typically have a sarcastic comment
Oh, don't worry I'll just sprinkle my magic dust and everything will be okay.
This scenario occurred about a month ago....which is just how I like to start my Wednesday! Fast forward to this week and I'm a little confused with how this student is lazy and doesn't write when they are working on essay number two. Now granted this students first attempt at an essay was straight up plagiarized, which shows effort, but they re-wrote their essay, learned their lesson and is now working on essay number two. 
Oh and yesterday this student also recieved an A on their spelling test and when they found out there was a little dance celebration

Goal board

As usual during open house parents were given the opportunity to create a goal for their student for the entire year. They place their post-it note on on our goal board.
Then a couple weeks into school students were given their own post-it note to create their goal.
Two colors were used for the goals 
Green for adults
Pink for students

Monday, October 7, 2013

letter makeover

A minor adjustment happened to our goal board this year.
The letters got a makeover
I used the cardboard letters from Jo-Anns Fabrics
covered them in some glue and then sprinkled some glitter on top. 
To attach them to the board I hot glued a command hook to each of the letters, tied some twine to the hook and stapled it underneath the boarder. 

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Energy stealer

Also known as bronchitis
I cannot exactly recall what happened in the classroom this past week
I was there, lessons were taught 
it's just a little fuzzy

To say that I was off my game is an understatement.
To top is all off I was contagious all week.
So taking Friday off was a smart decision given the fact that I lasted four days with 15% energy level. 

Monday, September 16, 2013

Flying time

I'm not exactly sure how this has happened, but we have officially past the one month mark of school.  So I guess you can say we are in the swing of things
Vocabulary tests have been given
Homework has bee assigned 
Essays have been written
And guess what we have all survived and better yet things are going fine. Although, I have yet to successfully use a semi colon correctly...there is something about that punctuation mark that I just don't trust. That's beside the students were easily trained this year into the routines of the classroom and are fitting nicely into my methods of how I like my classroom to be run. Things are looking up and I can't wait to see what is to come.
//side note\\
I taught a lesson on punctuation and had to look up an example of how to properly use a semi colon in a sentence. 

Oh and by the way I'm exhausted 

Monday, September 9, 2013

What is language arts?

This popped out of one of my 6th graders mouth this past week
In the midst of me explaining our baseline essay
 "So you teach us not only how to talk and color, but now we have to write too..."

I give him a confused look and then more words come out of his mouth

"I mean I was thinking language arts...language is talking and arts is coloring...right?

Sometimes there are NO words to say when my students utter things like this 
It's just better to move on

At least he gave me a good laugh for the day!!

Friday, September 6, 2013


Oddly enough I am not in my classroom today. In my entire career as a teacher I think I have taken two and a half days off. I had to take a half day off my first year of teaching because my right eye decided to have an allergic reaction to who knows's a necessity to have both eyes properly working when you are teaching. Its really strange to not be at school some ways I feel like I am going to get in trouble for not being there and I also feel guilty that I am not there to teach my students. On a side note prepping for a sub to come for four different classes is not something I enjoy. Anyways I saw that CBS is airing this documentary on teaching and I thought I would share.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Out with the old in with the new

We have all seen them and probably have a couple in our classrooms. In fact you may find them in other classrooms as well. It's hard to escape them because there really is little options out there. What am I talking about?

classroom posters

Lets face it there are some really cheesy posters out there. Sure their cute, but dorky too. Thankfully, I found a way to rid myself of the all the boringness! My solution comes from two sources: Pinterest and Staples. Did you know you can save images to a flash drive take them to staples and they will print it for a couple of cents. I think my most expensive poster was a little over a dollar. Then all you have to do is laminate them and wah-lah new posters that are no where near cheesy!
I am pretty sure that 47% of my students pay little attention to what is on my walls, but I do and I like what I see. 

You might want to check and make sure its okay to print and display any poster you find.

Thursday, August 29, 2013

New look

Sometime in July or maybe June I could not stand the look of this here blog...which explains my lack of posting at the end of last school year.  I knew I did not want to design the layout myself because that just did not seem like fun. So I set out to find a new look. I headed over to Etsy to see what was offered and found an abundance of talented people that designed blogs. Perfect! Then came the part of shifting though all the options...there were several! 

After flipping though several designers I decided to go with Theresa from Always in Bluhm blog and graphic design studio. Her designs were unique, beautiful and well priced. If you are looking for a new design I suggest you head on over to Always In Bluhm. She is quick with installation and has fantastic communication. I am so glad that I found her on Etsy because without this new look you all would be experiencing radio silence on this blog.
I love the new look. It's crisp and clean! Plus it makes me look like I "know" what I am doing when it comes to blogging...

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

These three goals

This year I am teaching a decision making class for 6th graders. For the first two weeks we have discussed goals for the year and the steps they need to take to achieve these goals. I found this pin through pinterest that requires students to draw themselves holding up a piece of paper. On the paper students wrote three goals for their first year of middle school. They all turned out pretty cute if I do say so myself!

Sunday, August 25, 2013

The slump

I hit the dog days of summer these last couple of months in terms of Donors Choose.
What I mean by this is there was very little action on my two projects. In fact I believe my bookshelf project ended today without a dime donated. Summer time has always been hard to solicit donations towards projects, but it's better to try than do nothing at all. 

I currently have a project for an I-pad mini which has received $6 thus far and has less than 25 days left. Thankfully, this past week a box from a donation completed last year was delivered to my school. So even though this summer has been slow as far as donations to my projects this box renewed my perseverance in creating new projects. It's better to have a project up on Donors Choose than to not have one up at all...because you never know who is out there that is looking for a classroom to support.
If you would like to donate to my I-pad mini project there is an icon on the right side bar, the blue desk, that will take you to my project page. 

Monday, August 19, 2013

And so it begins

Well summer is officially over since the first week of school has come and gone!
I love how students are all, well a majority of them, quiet.
They come in bright eyed and bushy tail ready for the new school year and it's not until a couple weeks later when they start to show their true colors. I hope the newness of them lasts for a month or two. 
Last week was full of procedures and the ever so popular bio poem for the beginning of the year. I somehow managed to skip the bio poem last year and I was slightly reminded why this year...the poem has been done numerous times 4th grade, 5th grade and now 6th grade. The bio poem should retire. 

Last year my 8th graders wrote an"I am from" poem which is a rendition of the bio poem just more mature. But my 8th graders this year dove head first into writing essays and might I add that if I read another lame prompt I might throw up!
The principal at your school is considering having students wear uniforms...write to convince your principal whether or not students should wear uniforms.
Well here's to week number two let it go as smoothly as the first week

Saturday, August 17, 2013

and then this one...

M.E. Hall teaches language arts to middle schoolers with mild disabilities and understands the challenges her students face, given that she has a special need of her own that stems from birth. The Oh Happy Day creator fills her site with candid reflections about her daily work experiences, using her writing as an outlet to compensate for those moments at school when she must refrain from comment and judgment.

My favorite part of this write up has to be the last sentence!
Truer words have never been spoken!

Thursday, August 15, 2013

The name game

Gone are the days of Sally, Tom and Jim
Names today take on their own form of interesting. 
When I was reviewing my class roaster prior to school starting all I could do was sit back and laugh because I hadn't the slightest clue on how to pronounce my students names. 
We are on day six of school and I am just starting to grasp how to say some of their names. In fact after day three of trying to pronounce this students name she said she was not going to respond to me unless I learned how to say her name correctly! Truth be told if I am calling a student by their last name there is a small chance I forgot how to say their first name. 
 I do thankfully have a Frank...I can manage saying that name. 

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

They're finally coming!

I don't know about you, but my classroom always feels strange when students are not there.
I'm missing a huge portion of my job that I love.
Don't get me wrong I love the adults around me, but I'm not there for them I'm there for my students.
They are the reason why I show up everyday at work.
Is every single day great?...absolutely not
I cannot wait until we are all reunited and luckily for me I don't have to wait any longer because they are coming tomorrow!

Monday, August 5, 2013

A little reminder

This past weekend was my school's open house 
Everything went as planned parents and students came and were given information about the upcoming school year.

With this being my fifth year of teaching I had some special visitors as well
Previous students as well as parents filtered in throughout the open house to catch up 
At one point they were all in my classroom at once just hanging out and chatting about their favorite memories. I loved every minute!
Like I mentioned before parents were also there and one parent and her student stayed in my classroom for a good hour just relaxing and talking. As new students came in I would give them the song and dance about vocabulary, writing, homework and supplies they would need. While I was talking I could hear the mother talking to her son telling him what an amazing teacher I was and so on. New students continued to walk through my door and I would walk them through my open house talk and the mom was quietly singing my praises behind me. This scenario continued for a while and I really didn't realize the amazingness of this situation until the next day and when I did tears automatically fell from my eyes.

There are multiple times throughout the year that I don't think I'm doing my best. What this mom did proved that even though I don't think I'm giving it my all there are those out there that do. I had her son for three years and she appreciated everything I did. I need to keep her gentle praises in mind for those days that seem a little gloomy.

I am so grateful that she filled my classroom with positive affirmations for the upcoming school year! I cannot imagine a better way to start the school year with! 

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

The tale of two pencils

I think everyone can agree something happens between elementary and middle school
The two sides are as different as night and day
Some prefer to avoid one or the other at all cost

To visualize this difference I give you two pencils

The first plain
If you saw it on the ground you would walk by and never look back
But do not let this plainness fool you. Behind the subtle wording lies a hot pink eraser not your average dull pink on any No. 2 this one is hot pink! It shouts look at me I'm different! This is middle school. One might think we are plain and lack cuteness, but we make up for it with attitude and  a little spunk! There is a chance that starring at something hot pink will give you a headache well the same can be said about middle schoolers unless you are used to all that brightness. Sure our students might be a little self-absorbed, but once you get to know them you will realize how amazing they truly are.  We can not be avoided even if you are trying to because after all we are a hot pink eraser!

The second adorable
There is not one centimeter on this pencil that is not covered in cuteness. It's bright and colorful everything that an elementary school student is. If pencils could move I'm pretty sure this one would be jumping up and down for no reason at all. This pencil begs to be picked first when solving a math equation and needs to be displayed on top of ones desk. Now all this cuteness can drain a person sure its nice for a couple of hours, but no one can compete with it.

I think it's safe to say we are either an overly cute pencil or one with a bright eraser. A person might change from one to another and if I were to pick one it would have one with a hot pink eraser.

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Train like a teacher

Sweet summer time
There is nothing finer

Much to the general public thinking teachers do not get three months off...well at least I do not...Nor do we waste our summer away floating in water. Sure we relax and recharge for the up coming year, but doing nothing is not an option. 

I don't know about you, but I stress out a little if I accomplish nothing over the summer for the upcoming school year. It gets to the point where I am dreaming in my sleep of what I need to do. So what does a teacher do during the off season...they train for the upcoming year. 
 I am yet again teaching three grade levels...mark my words this will be the last year...
Anyways, I managed to complete a full year of vocabulary curriculum tests and all,  created my syllabus brochure style, found articles for students to use for text based writing as well as up load everything to my school website. Could I have done more...sure, but it was summer and the pool looked a little lonely.

 Yesterday started the first teacher day of the season and I am ready to give 110% to my soon to be students! I hope all the preparation will make the upcoming weeks go a little smoother. Now all I need to do is get into my classroom to prepare for open house on Saturday!!

Sunday, July 28, 2013

drip, drip, drip

A couple of weeks ago I volunteered for VBS with my mom which happened to be housed in an elementary school. While the students were singing their songs, which if you listen to them they will get stuck in your head for about a week, my mom and I decided to take a tour of the school to spy on some classroom decor! Half way through our adventure the janitor found us and let us in some locked classrooms as well!  I love peaking into classroom for inspiration. 

One of the classrooms had this magnetic board. With further examination we discovered that it is was a drip pan for oil to put under cars. The teacher drilled the pan into the wall and spray painted the pan lime green. The next day mom and I went out to find a drip pan for our own classroom. We went to Auto Zone and the pans were $13 not too bad and then we went to Wal-Mart and the pan was $9ish dollars...SOLD!
 My mom the art teacher took the more creative approach with her drip pan. She decoupaged the edges with various art pages from books. She started off with black and white pictures at the bottom and then the pictures slowly emerge into color...sort of like when Dorthy was in Kansas and then went to color to all color. She is planning on drilling her pan to the wall and displaying artists and their art work throughout the year. 
With my pan I spray painted it with a teal color. Then took ribbon and added to the pan to create rows and columns. I found black paper at hobby lobby and wrote out all the steps in the writing process (planning, drafting, peer editing, revising, teacher conference and publishing). The best thing about this pan is that if I decide to do anything else with it everything on it is attached with a magnet...ribbon and black labels!  I plan on putting students names on paper and placing a magnet on the back as they write their essay they will move their name down the drip pan...drip, drip, drip down the writing process they go. 

Monday, July 15, 2013

Teacher board

I am revamping my teacher area this year. The look I am going for is clean and crisp. I have two teachers desks one contains my computer and the other is used as an area for my para or students that need to work away from others. I may be ditching the second desk this year and working with one. Possibly getting an Ikea shelf to house files and books.
Here are some of my inspirations
Here is what I came up with to put on the wall
My mom gave me an old cork board from her school. I somehow forgot to take a before and after shot, but I'm pretty sure everyone knows what a cork board looks like. All the supplies I found at Hobby Lobby. This DIY was pretty simple and did not take long to complete.

I have a few other ideas I am planning with this board, but you will have to wait until I hang it on the wall at school.  I am linking up with Tara from 4th grade Frolics for her Monday made it!

Saturday, July 13, 2013


I am revamping my teacher area this year
Nothing too major
Last year I made this sign.
The letter hung behind my desk

 I had great intentions and if I was an elementary school teacher it would of been a great addition to the classroom. Unfortunately, I teach middle school and given the fact that I am semi-sarcastic in nature this little letter was the source of some entertainment this past school year.

For example:
Within the first couple of weeks a few 8th graders made their own rendition of the letter. 1. I believe you will never do your homework. 2. I trust in you? 3. I might listen to you 4. Cared for...What? 5.... 6. You will succeed if you do what I say 7. Everything will be okay if you do what I say
Then came this:
I think this one happened in January. One of my students was completing an essay behind my desk and he looked up at the letter and asked "how long has this been here...seconds pass...number seven is a lie." My comment back to him "Well, depending on who you are seven is true, but for you it's not!"
and this one:
During a student activity on figurative language where students had to define various examples of similes, hyperbole and student was having difficulty even when given numerous support. In other words my next option was to complete his work for him. Ten minutes later not much has changed and he relocates behind my desk to improve his focus. He reads the letter and says aloud "Miss how can I succeed if you will not help me?" Me: "I did help you multiple times and now it is your turn to create your own success."...silence

 The last week of school I decided to ditch the letter. I gifted it to one of my favorite 8th graders and put her name in the place of students.  To top it off I signed the back and wrote a note to her...she loved it!! So now that this sign is no longer in my possession I have an open area to deal with. Tune in Monday to see what I have planned.

Thursday, July 11, 2013


As I mentioned before my creative juices are not running at full capacity
//I think something is broken\\
Here is my dilemma:
I bought these letters that spell out hopes I would display them in my classroom. I have had them for six days and they still remain in their original form....blank! As of right now I am 95% sure I am going to paint them with chalk board paint unless a better idea comes to mind. Perhaps hang a piece of chalk off one of the letters??
Then comes this fabric that I spotted at Jo-anns today. Its practically perfect...burlap, metallic and polka dots. I stared at them, went back and looked at them multiple times, took a picture and NOTHING is coming to mind as of what to create with this fabric....the only thing I thought of was to frame it...not creative at all!

Summer is winding down...various stores are threatening to put out their school supplies and I have made a total of four creative projects...two of which are half way complete

Monday, July 8, 2013

Well Hello there

I must admit I was worried for a while becuase it seemed like my creativity had vanished. Nothing was inspiring me and no amount of pinterest browsing was helping...I was concerned! Until last week when I came upon this darling hello sign and all of a sudden my creativity had returned...unfortunetly it was 9:30 at night and no craft stores were open.

This DIY required the use of super glue. Given the fact that I am a tad bit messy I managed to cover my fingers with the lovely liquid. I made my mom one of these signs for her classroom and I switched from super glue to a low temp glue gun....much better!!

I plan on making a goodbye sign as well...both signs will hang on either side of my classroom door.
I found the fabric (its performance fabric) at Jo-Anns and both Michaels and Jo-Anns had the wire needed for this project.