Thursday, November 15, 2012

And the theme song for the week is...

Queen's Another One Bites the Dust!
Lets just say I have two empty desk that I am not sad about!
In fact I have been grinning all day long since I heard the glories news!
...and I was not the only one thrilled by the news there was some celebrating happening by students and adults!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

IEPs explain a lot

I have sat through my fair share of IEP meetings in my four years of teaching. There have been IEPs that I have dreaded as well as ones I have looked forward to. I saw this pin on Pinterest and thought how very fitting it was for IEPs too.
I cannot count the times I have sat across a parent and had an "aha" moment. During these "aha" moments everything is instantly explained for why a student is who they are. Now this not only applies to students who are a hot mess, but students that are beyond awesome! 

Today I had three IEPs and in each IEP I was given insight into how this student became who they are either in a positive way or negative.

Monday, November 5, 2012

So this happened last week

I really do believe Halloween should be on the last Saturday of October. Some students treat Halloween as a two day event: day one preparation and day two recovery. 
Halloween always seems to come with its slew of questions:
Miss do we have Halloween off?
What are you going to dress up as?
Are we having a Halloween party?
Do we have to do work on Halloween?
Can I bring in candy?
This year not only did I receive the typical questions, but I was given a note.
Let me explain the situation...students are given two weeks to complete vocabulary homework: week 1 spelling and week 2 definition. The homework is rather simple and I cannot remember a time when I excepted a student's excuse for why they did not do their homework; so when this note appeared this student didn't stand a chance!

I was so tickled by this note I paraded it around school like it was the president of the United States showing it to everyone I came across!

For those that are wondering this students earned a ZERO for his homework that he had two weeks to complete!