Monday, June 25, 2012

Fruit in a cup

In an attempt not to blow away and stay dry from tropical storm Debbie there have been several projects in the making; including one that can be eaten!
 The eaten treat was of course discovered through Pinterest
I thought these cupcake fruit pizzas were too cute and simple to make
Pillsbury pre-made sugar cookie dough you find in the refrigerator section
16 oz. of cool whip
8 oz. of cream cheese
various fruit
Roll the dough in to mini balls and press a tbs into the dough to make a cup
Allow the cups to cool and pop out the cookie cups.
While the cookies are baking mix the cool whip and cream cheese together until it is smooth.
 To reduce the amount of filing into the cup I put fruit in the bottom and covered them with the cool whip & cream cheese concoction
Add some fruit to the top and you are done!

Here is a sneak peak of a classroom project

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Fibonacci Poetry

Let's just get one thing straight I am not the biggest math lover. I typically stop listening to people when math words spew out of their mouths.
Well I have had the privilege of being a part of the National Writing Project and through this I have discovered countless tools and lessons to increase my students, as well as my own, writing.

This workshop allows teacher to learn from other teachers
//Which I love\\
Each teacher is required to present a best practice lesson in writing.
One teacher presented how to integrate poetry into math. I thought this demonstration was going to be ruined because it incorporated math, but I was surprisingly wrong. The presenter read the following book Growing Patterns, Fibonacci Numbers in Nature.
I would try to explain what Fibonacci is, but as I said I do not speak math. Basically there are patterns in nature that follow a sequence that relates to math. The teacher went on to explaining that a poem can be written following the Fibonacci experience.

A Fibonacci poem is similar to Haiku by counting out syllables and relating to nature. Here are the syllables per line: 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 13, 8, 4, 3, 2, 1, 1


from the sky
grey painted low clouds
pouring down clear tears from above
intense thunder looms far away waiting for a strike
flash of gold crashing down causing dancing sparks to fly
puddles forming, grey clouds parting
colors showing

Monday, June 18, 2012

A little touch up

I am a little particular when it comes to my personal calendar.
I like to see a month at a time and stray away from the day to day calendars
{I look at the big picture instead of all the details}
So finding the cutest planner is not easy when you are looking for a practical/affordable one.

I have been lucky enough to find this Mead planner two years in a row.
It meets two out of my three demands:
Cheap...under $10
One month at a time
Unfortunately it is not that pretty to look at, but easy to jazz up a bit!
Supplies for the touch up:
Scrap book paper
The Mead calendar comes with a clear plastic sleeve which is perfect to slide and type of paper in! What was once plain and boring is now pretty!

Monday, June 11, 2012

Flying Book

Another project complete and I have a little confession to make: I tend to lean towards projects that need to hang from something.
{Oh well}
For this project, which was of course inspired by pinterest, required that I hunt down an old book. I went around from Goodwill to Goodwill in search of the perfect old book. I found a nice looking "Three Musketeers" book that the binding was all ready falling apart...which I was going to remove any ways.
Old book
exacto knife
hot glue gun
clear string
There was a little trial and error as I figured out the best way to loop the pages together and at the same time stay connected. I worked with two pages at a time; looping one, hot glue, loop the other and hot glue...repeat several times. Then came the part where I had to attach the pages to the actual book; which was not that bad just hot glue the pages to the binding.
I must apologize for the lack of pictures, I brought my camera home for the summer, but left the computer cord at the other house. Thankfully, I found another blog that gives step by step instruction for this project. Unfortunately, I discovered these instructions half way through me being done. 
I really like the way this book mobile turned out! This hanging book will be a nice addition to the reading corner in my room

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Another project funded

My students will be receiving and reading Flipped come this fall.
I have been wanting to read an actual novel with my students instead of literature stories in our literature book.

Now do not get me wrong the literature stories are great, but I am getting a little tired of them and would like to try something new. Plus my students will also be able to watch Flipped the movie after they read the book and make connections between media and text.

In celebration of my project being funded I created my 6th project on to Donors Choose for Nooks!
If you would like to donate or take a look click on the Nook

I strongly encourage any teacher to post a project through

First off its FREE!
Second you bring in resources into your classroom without any out of pocket cost!
It's a win win situation!
With all five of my projects I have brought in
of resources into my classroom
Not too shabby

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

All about them

{Long lost post from the beginning of the year}
 At the beginning of the school year I had all three grade levels create an all about me project.

This project had three parts
Part One: Essay...which was only three paragraphs
//I decided to go easy on them with the first writing assignment\\
Part Two: self-portrait
//with only crayons\\
Part Three: identify the parts of speech within their essay
//They were less enthused about this\\
My favorite essay by far is by Mr. L
Here are some classic lines from his essay
"I hate eating white soggy bread"
"My brother thinks he is smarter than me, but we all know he is a fool"
"Everyone pronounces my name wrong and I don't understand why"

Monday, June 4, 2012

DIY Wood Chalkboard

I originally came across this little jem on Pinterest and discovered where it originated Smashed Peas and Carrots
I had no idea where to get a tree stump and was about to venture out in the woods when Mrs. Hahn Daydreams told me I could find pieces of wood at Michael's. So instead of heading out in the woods I headed towards Michael's to gather supplies.
{What you will need}
Tree stump ($10)
Ribbon ($1)
Sponge brush (.25)
Tape (garage)
Chalkboard paint ($6)
Following suit of Smashed Peas and Carrots mom I created an outline with tape for the chalkboard boarder. Because Lord knows I cannot paint a straight line to save me life.
Then you paint once let dry for an hour
paint twice and dry for 24 hours
Finally after all that drying you can condition your chalkboard by rubbing a piece of chalk over the chalkboard paint. I found the colored chalkboard paint at Michael's. They also had other colors besides teal.
I plan on hanging this little jem in my classroom come the new school year

Sunday, June 3, 2012

The gathering of supplies

Based on my post "let the crafting begin" I have been gathering various supplies to see these little gems come to life.
By Monday I will be revealing how one of the projects turned out!
{Pinterest inspired}