Saturday, November 16, 2013

Point of View

By the looks of this picture you probably think I'm a pretty nice person. 
Which is partially true. 
The thing is your point of view is limited. You have no idea who this student is. Allow me to create a visual for you: a scrawny Ray Romano. Now if you are like me and have watched Every Body Loves Raymond at least four times through from beginning to end you know that Ray can be a little annoying and a tad bit selfish at times. You also know what irritates him and may be tempted to push his buttons and he will gladly push them right back! 

Well you see those minuscule pencils on the left...they have a name. They are this students "babies" one time in class he dropped one on the floor and was frantically searching for his "baby." The name is semi-appropriate because when using these worthless pencils to write with will result in your handwriting to look babyish. 

On Thursday I had finally reached my breaking point with these little nubs. During lunch I kidnapped all of the babies and replaced what I took with a brand new full grown "family." I didn't say anything to the student I just waited for him to discover this gift inside his pencil pouch. 

While the class was studying for their spelling test I noticed that Chris was scavenging through his pencil pouch in desperate search of his precious pencils. This lasted a good three minutes and he never even bothered with the new pack of pencils. He finally gave up and pulled out a pen which prompted me to remind the class that they need to use a pencil for their test...back to the scavenging he went searching for his babies. I walked over to Chris and asked if he needed a pencil and he grumbled under his breath no "I have a pen" I asked him what about those new pencils gesturing to the brand new pack...he mumbled something and pulled out a pencil. 

Spelling test is over and we are into our lesson. I notice that Chris is sitting at his desk, not completing his work, but sharpening those brand new pencils to a nub. I casually walk over and stick out my hand motioning for him to hand over the pencil this point I can tell he is less than thrilled with my act of kindness, but he unwillingly hands over the pencil sharpener. He sits at his desk silently fuming at his normal size pencil...although he is doing his work.

Bell rings and my planning begins

I decide to spy on little Chris...because apparently I have nothing else better to do. I walk past his reading class and I can see him sitting in his desk and what is he doing...
sharpening those darn pencils to a nub!

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