Friday, August 7, 2015

Classroom decor advice

I am not one to re-decorate my whole classroom year after year nor do I want to pour unlimited amount of money into my classroom. So here is a list of what to do with your classroom.
1. Lighting: I really hate ceiling lights. IKEA is the place to go for classroom lighting.
2. Colors: Have them, but select a few. There is no need to incorporate the entire rainbow in your classroom...a tad bit too much stimulation.
3. Smell: I know this really does not have to do with the look of the classroom, but you would be surprised to how much a pleasant scent can add to your rooms appeal.
4. Organization: Have a system that is functional. Both you and your students will appreciate this. 
5. Personal touches: Picture frames, banners, globes. Decorate your classroom like your home. People will notice and appreciate how your room feels like a home and not a classroom.

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  1. LOVE IT! Such a great list that is short and to the point. I second the idea of a few colors only...way too much simulation. I am getting rid of lamination too...way too much glare.
    Kovescence of the Mind


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