Sunday, April 11, 2010

80 Days and Counting

In exactly 80 days I will be chopping off my hair for a cause! My hair will be donated to Pantene Beautiful Lengths campaign. The reason why I have chosen Pantene and not other organizations is because the hair goes to women who have cancer.

In my life time I have had two influential women lose their battle to cancer. My Grandma and Mrs. Jackie both went through cancer treatments that made them lose their hair.

The first time I donated my hair it was for my Grandma. After the first donation I was sure I was not going to grow my hair again! Reasons: takes forever to grow (a year and a half), too time consuming taking care of, hot and heavy!

A couple months later I was humbled when I was told that dear sweet Jackie was diagnosed with cancer. I thought to myself: who am I to complain that I have healthy hair that grows, how selfish of me to put myself above others needs. After being put in my place I started the journey to grow my hair out again. I will be making the BIG cut June 30th!

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