Tuesday, April 27, 2010

For the Love of Spring

I love the freshness of spring. Although I live in a southern state, where winter and snow does not exist, there is still a plethora of blooms and color!! Here are some of my favorite spring items...
The bougainvillea tree is gorgeous! The hot pinkness is AAMMAZING!! Where I am living now the street is lined with these beauties. My parents used to have one in their front yard, but sadly my dad cut it down :(
Spring colored nail polish...especially the Essie Resort collection. The colors are fresh and crisp! I am looking forward to the turquoise and light blue one!!
A relaxing walk after a long day of teaching. The fresh air can soothe any worry and is a nice ending to the day! The blue skies are not bad either!!
Chunky jewelry that can bring and outfit from blan to wow! Browsing through Anthropologie is some what therapeutic as well as inspirational!

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