Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Out of the ordinary

I have been on summer break for a little over a week and I am ready to go back. I am currently back at my parents house, for the summer, which meant I had to drag all of my stuff up north and then in the fall me and all of my stuff will head back south. As of right now I am streamlining everything that I own...if I have not worn/thought/looked/used/talked about an item in 6 months than away it must go!

I am finding it a little odd not being in school. This is really my first summer that I have not had a steady job or classes that I am taking. I will be working on school stuff for the fall, but I have 50 odd plus days til school starts back up sooo what to do until then???

On a side note my hair is being chopped off tomorrow :)

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