Tuesday, June 1, 2010


1. Listen to your words...
Part of staying positive is catching yourself when you're being negative. Thumpers's mothers had it right when she said "if you can not say something nice, than do not say it at all."

This takes us to gossip, which is always makes a situation worse. Gossip can take a simple incidence and drag all the way up to a catastrophic event. If you would not say it to the person you are talking about, than you should probably keep it to yourself!

2. Protect your mind...
We are constantly being invade with images and words that could affect our outlook on life and certain situations. Be wise on the choices you make when it comes to TV shows, music, magazines, books, websites and so on.

Even if you do not repeat the negative things you hear or see, they can impact your mood, energy and attitude.

3. Find ways to bring positive into your life...
It's one thing to avoid negative people and media in your life, but now they need to replace with positivity! Surround yourself with people and items your enjoy and love.

4. When you can, make an effort to be extra nice or patient with someone...
We all enjoy when we are given patience or when someone is nice when they do not have to be. When this occurs we are more likely to do the same to others around us. Even when you encounter a rude nasty person try to kill them with kindness and perhaps they will eventually return the favor.

As I tell my students all you have to do is be nice, polite and have a sense of humor and you will do fine!

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