Saturday, June 11, 2011

Love Notes

Love note from a 6th grader
I hate Mrs. Hall and Im not ling
I hate Ms. Hall and I'm not lying

Story behind love note
I gave my students a part II of their final. Students were required to write a five paragraph essay to a prompt they were given. Everyone managed to compose a wonderful essay without putting up much of a fuss...minus one student!

This beloved student, aka E, decided that writing an essay was not needed. In fact this student had other priorities such as: making a paper airplane, throwing note book paper on the floor, watching other students write and huffing and puffing in disgust.

Unfortunately, this student desperately needed this grade to stay afloat. After observing this students unwillingness to cooperate I informed E that if the essay was not completed within the designated time frame they would be staying with me all day...and Thursday...and Friday and if I did not have a finished essay from E by the end of the school year E's grade would fall to an F.

More huffing, puffing and grumbling occurred.
Lunch Break
Came back and wrote the encouraging love note on the desk
Mr. S came and took the student in the hall to complete the essay
Five minutes before bell rang E came and presented a decent essay with the biggest smile plastered on face.

I realize this handwriting looks like it came from a 2nd grader, but it actually came from a 6th grader.

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