Sunday, February 26, 2012

Febs. Birchbox

I have been debating doing away with Birchbox, but thank goodness I did not!
For when I opened this months birchbox I jumped for joy when I spotted the every so lovely pink sponge!

Some of you may be wondering "why all the excitement over a sponge that you could wash a dish with?"
*that would of course be a sin*
Well the hot pink sponge, beauty blender, is the ultimate make up sponge that guarantees a flawless finish. Now one beauty blender retails for  $19.95 and many of you know Birchbox is a $10 everything else that came in the box was an extra.
I got some odd tattoo eyeliner...that my sister will be given
Concealer...nice and creamy
spicy chocolate...lasted three minutes

So once again I have been won over by the people of Birchbox
hopefuly March is just as good!


  1. I always want to get a Birch Box subscription...and now I am mad that I didn't get this month! LUCKY!!

    To The Square Inch

  2. Well, the good news is that not everyone got the bb in their if you sign up you might just find one in your box!


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