Sunday, March 4, 2012

The day came and went

I some how managed to convince myself that Tuesday, FL writes day, was two days in one. Yes, the morning was Tuesday and the afternoon was Wednesday. Despite my blunder of thinking I went through two days and not one, the Kiddos did amazing on the FL writes.
As I predicted the prompt was persuasive and was not as bad as I was expecting; although it was not the best. Better than writing an essay about riding a camel!
Since all of my students have IEPs they have extended time
//Thank Goodness\\
They spent 45 minutes with me and then were moved to the media center to finish out the test. For the time they were with me they planned and pre-wrote their essays. Watching them do everything they have been taught this year was beyond beautiful! I am so proud of them, they took their time and did everything I told them to do! Now I just have to wait for the results to come in.

On a side note I informed my 7th graders that I now consider them 8th graders. Some were excited about the unexpected promotion while others were not happy at all that I made them my new "writing project"
They are in for a bumpy ride!

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