Thursday, June 7, 2012

Another project funded

My students will be receiving and reading Flipped come this fall.
I have been wanting to read an actual novel with my students instead of literature stories in our literature book.

Now do not get me wrong the literature stories are great, but I am getting a little tired of them and would like to try something new. Plus my students will also be able to watch Flipped the movie after they read the book and make connections between media and text.

In celebration of my project being funded I created my 6th project on to Donors Choose for Nooks!
If you would like to donate or take a look click on the Nook

I strongly encourage any teacher to post a project through

First off its FREE!
Second you bring in resources into your classroom without any out of pocket cost!
It's a win win situation!
With all five of my projects I have brought in
of resources into my classroom
Not too shabby

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