Sunday, December 12, 2010

Donors Choose

At the beginning of July I posted two projects for my classroom. Both projects are focused around improving students vocabulary and writing skills. Prior to both of my projects being completed I showed all of my students what was happening on Donors Choose in regards to the projects being funded. I wanted them to know that people who do not even know them want to help them learn.

Project "Lets Give Them Something To Write About" ($182) was completed on November 1st and the supplies began to trickle in a week later. Donors Choose request that students bring in permission slips in order for pictures and thank you notes to be posted on their website.

The Friday before Thanksgiving break I gathered the students that returned their slip and they opened the box and began using the materials right away!

Project "Lets Go On A Vocabulary Adventure" ($578) was completed on November 30th. As of right now the boxes are stacked in my classroom. I plan on having the students open the boxes on Thursday!

 My students are still amazed that complete strangers keep on sending them learning tools. One of my students said "these people must really like us"

If you are a teacher I encourage you to create your own project on Donors Choose. For more information go to

If you want to follow my classroom on Donors Choose follow this link: Over Christmas break I will be posting another project entirely on index cards!

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