Tuesday, December 14, 2010

I am what I think I am

Today and yesterday we had the district wide writing prompt//another pre-Christmas gift\\  A large amount of my students lack confidence in their own ability. About 85% of my students have the skills to write a 5 paragraph essay if they put in the effort!

Students who have a positive attitude are the ones that produce the best papers and the others that are determined that they do not have to complete the test or think its stupid have already decided that they will not recieve a high grade because they cannot write well. They are their own worst enemies at times!

This is what happens prior to the writing prompt

I give a moving review on what they need to include in their essay via PowerPoint and examples...
  • pre-write by using a graphic organizer
  • A hook to grab their reader
  • Transition words
  • Introduction and conclusion
  • read the paper to themselves after they are done
Ask if there are any questions and then its time to start the fun!

During the test...

One of my little sixth graders decided that he did not have to write therefore I decided to sit right beside him and he managed to compose three paragraphs which is better than nothing.

A student who usually has difficulty writing in class writes two paragraphs

Another sixth grader was mad for some odd reason and decided to not write anything

One of my eighth grade classes works the whole 45 minutes with unbelievable dedication and focus...I was so thrilled that I stopped grading my papers and just watched them work...so beautiful!!

I am still a little amazed that certain students flat out refuse to write anything even though they will eventually will write something. I would of never imagined refusing to complete an assignment when I was in middle school!

I often wonder where students obtain an attitude that they do not have to do something if they do not feel like it!

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