Monday, May 23, 2011

Alarm Chirping

Today is Monday
Car alarms were sounding and birds were chirping all last night
I am running on a few hours of sleep
I do not function well with little sleep

This is my day

We are closing off the year by completing biographies on various famous people
Everyone from Tyler Perry to Mother Teresa

Students have been researching information on their person via books and the Internet. I find students take on research interesting. They would rather hop on the web and search than pick up a book that is entirely on their person to find information. Unfortunately, they expect information to jump out at them when they are surfing the web or even looking//not reading\\ a book.

 The problem I am finding is that research is time consuming and they would rather have the information given to them than find it themselves. I have had countless students come up to me and say "they don't tell me when Maya Angelou was born" as they are holding a book about Maya Angelou. I take the book and within a minute have found Maya's birth date
mind blowing
I of course tell the student that the author must have used some magical ink that information suddenly appears when a teacher is holding the book
They do not find my sarcasm amusing

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