Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Jumping up and down


FL writes scores came in today and my 8th graders rocked their essays! They proved that having a disability is not going to hold them back! I am still all jittery with excitement with how fantastic they did!! I pretty much made a fool of myself when I found out the scores this morning, but it was worth it!

Here is the break down
6 out of 17 students scored a 4 //which means they are writing on a 8th gr. level\\
9 out of 17 students scored a 3
2 out of 17 students scored a 2

I have never experienced such joy and excitement in revealing test scores before. I did not have my 8th graders today, but once word got out that FL writes scores were out they bee lined their little selves to my door where I held the scores. They were absolutely adorable and ecstatic when they found out how well they did.

I realize that some may not be impressed with their scores, but considering where they have come and how hard they have worked they did unbelievable! I remember at the beginning of the year they somehow managed to write a five paragraph essay in fifteen minutes//which terrified me\\ After reading their essays I knew we had a long difficult journey ahead of us. Fortunately, for me they are hard working dedicated students that came through. I thoroughly believe that if you have high realistic expectations they will reach //if not exceed\\ every goal.

I have already set the stage with my future 8th graders for next year. Expectations have been set and preparation has begun to make another fantastic group of writers for next year!


I am one happy teacher today!


  1. there is nothing better than scoring a stack of essays, and having this exact feeling!

    congrats on the success :)

  2. There scores were truely wonderful! Thanks for joining!


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