Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Miss you must...

Not be sick any more because you are back to your old self.
This is exactly what one of my 8th graders said this morning. The good news is that my awful cold-sinus-allergy sickness thing is 95% gone. Last time I counted I went through 6 boxes of Kleenex {my Kleenex issue was so bad one day that I had to grab an additional box from a teacher friend} grew a new layer of skin under my nose as well as increased my ab strength with all the blowing and coughing that occurred. Semi-Bonus I now have students blaming me for them getting sick!

On a side note I have learned that I am not generous when it comes to letting students use one of my Kleenexes...especially when they give A minuscule puff in the tissue...not cool at all.
As I was trying to get oxygen through my clogged nose students were mastering the art of poetry.
Rhyme scheme
figurative language
analyzing poems
and all that jazz

They are just now beginning to write their own poems
haiku's done
acrostic and others soon to come.

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  1. yeah for poetry! and all that other great literary devices business! glad you are almost better :)


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