Monday, January 30, 2012

A walk down memory lane

Around the first week back from break a mid my sickness I some how ran out of patience with a particular student. I am typically a very flexible and tolerant person, but when push comes to shove there is no excuse big enough.

This student was out of his seat talking with two girls which of course distracted them from completing their work. I asked the student to return to his seat and of course lingering occurred.

//Here is where push comes to shove takes place\\
 Mr. A if you do not return to your seat before I count to three than you are out of here.
Bye Bye Mr. A
Miss I was-was just
No- go away

The student left and while he was in another classroom wrote an apology note and a step-by-step detailed account in what took place in under five minutes.
In his note he depicted that I clearly count to three way to fast to his liking.

Today in class this student decided to take a walk down memory lane as he wrote his acrostic poem

Making teachers
And Ms. Hall to be
Ready for them to
Call my mom today

Below is an ever so lovely picture of the day where I counted to three a tad bit too fast

//Cherry on top\\
it just happened to be Mr. A's birthdays on the 1-2-3 incident
{hence the birthday hat in the picture}

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