Friday, March 23, 2012

Happy Weekend

After a week of being off
//Dear summer please come soon\\
I made it to Friday and am extremely grateful for two days of rest

here is a recap of how quarter four began
 Planning three grade levels is always a challenge and usually ends up with me going in three directions at the same time
 //oh to only teach one grade level \\
Notice goal four
I found this semi-impossible as I:
1. made my 8th graders read a literature story in silence
2. sent a 7th grader out of my room within four minutes of coming in
3. made a 6th grader cry
Starting every class with a vocabulary routine is lovely  
 Busting out some good old Crayola for our interactive notebooks
Read a story by Maya Angelo that covered the theme "challenge"
Had students write a paragraph about a challenge they went through

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