Monday, March 12, 2012

KONY 2012

I am sure many have seen this video floating around every where, but for those of you who have not it is worth the watch.

{re-wind two days before spring break}
My 8th graders were done learning all they needed for quarter three. I still needed to find something "educational" for them to accomplish in those days and I did not want to start anything new. Since I am not one to throw a party/fun day of any kind in my classroom; I needed to find something for them to do.
// reason #11 why I would never make it as an elemntary teacher\\

I began seeing this Kony video all over my wall on facebook and watched it Wednesday morning; which sparked an idea of what to do with my 8th graders.

I decided to show them the movie
//a tad bit risky\\

Prior to the video they created a KWL chart about Africa
then we discussed WWII and who was the main "villain"
which lead to talking about other "villains" that have been around
Suddam Hussein
Osama Bin Laden
I asked them if there are any other "villains" today
first group of 8th graders said: no
second group of 8th graders said: Kony
Lastly, I asked them if they knew what injustice was and if they could give me an example of injustice.
I briefed them on what would be in the video and screened some of the images.
Afterwards we skimmed the letter from President Obama and they wrote a letter to a person in power. Their letters were powerful and very moving.

A few students who had their Itouches on them downloaded the LRA tracker

I believe this is an important issue and would be silly not to discuss in the classroom with caution. Older students are bound to watch this video; so why not discuss the situation in the classroom. I am not going to ignore what is happenig in the world. My job is to educate and open students up to new ideas. This video allowed me to do so.
 If you are skeptical, like I was, research the charity invisible children


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