Friday, May 25, 2012

Let the crafting begin

{For inspirational quotes}
 I need to find a log or cut down a tree
Martha Stewart has colored chalk board paint
{By my desk because they are pretty}
Lanterns covered with fabric and a hot glue gun
{Hung above the book shelf}
 Good will bookstore and a hot glue gun again
{Above my marshals must hate me}
 paint chips and a lamp shade
{Above my door with my name}
 Looking for a stick and letters to decorate
{Hung through out the classroom}
Took these home to back them with fabric so they are not see through

I have officially begun summer break which means I have a few projects in mind for the classroom.


  1. yeah for summer - I'm almost there!!! Looking forward to seeing all these fun project coming to life over the next few moths :)

  2. I'm finally back to a normal life (almost--one more week of school!), so I can follow your blog more frequently! :)

    You don't have to cut down a tree to get that DIY project going--go to Michaels wood section, they sell those!!!!

    And the letters for the "harper" sign are at hobby lobby or michaels too! i think I may make both of those this summer for my classroom too!

  3. I just started gathering a couple of supplies for these little to be done on Monday

    Yea Rhodas back! Congrat on finishing your first year in teaching! Thanks for the hint about Michaels they did have tree stumps!!


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