Sunday, March 10, 2013

Going through the motions

I had three IEPs in one day this past week.
They all went well nothing too out of the ordinary.
The next day the teacher whose room connects to mine asked how they went. 
I replied by saying they went fine.
And then she asked were they IEPs that you just go through the motions or was it meant to spark the student to change.
Something about what she said made me stop and think.
Two of the IEPs were meant to be the extra spark those students needed to hopefully see the potential they have in themselves while the other IEP was going through the motions:
Transition plan
teacher comments
And so on

Nothing life altering.
Well at least I didn't feel that there was a spark that happened during that IEP.
The odd thing is that just because I did not feel the wind of change the student might might take a couple of weeks to take affect, but its not entirely out of the picture. 

I really hate the thought that for some IEPs I have to go through the motions with no real intention on it making any impact. It seems like a giant waste of time and energy. The realization is that for some students the spark they need may not come from an IEP it may come from conversations in the hallway, a kind comment in the classroom or simply asking how they are doing. 
Going through the motions is not a horrible thing it's just not the general outcome I would like and only time will tell what those sparks will lead to.

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