Tuesday, February 26, 2013

FL Writes Re-cap

Yea! It's over...well the test is.
There is still a multitude of lessons to cover before school is let out!
I really did not have much of a preference in what type of essay the students would write:
just give us a decent prompt to write an essay with!
Thankfully, the lovely ladies in Tallahassee heard our prayers and presented our students with a wonderful prompt in which they could develop an essay for. When I read the prompt for the first time chills went up and down my body...a splendid prompt indeed! 
My students came in with an array of emotions. Some were excited while others were nervous. They grabbed some energy and settled into their desks preparing themselves for the task at hand. The typical speech was uttered: no cell phone blah...blah...blah
And then it was their turn to shine and demonstrate all that they have learned. There is a part of me that wishes that a portion of ESE student's score was based on effort because they worked their little tails off for those 60 mins and then continued on into their extended time.
I love watching them write and plan their essays. In a way they are well oiled machines and did everything they have learned this year. Are they perfect writers, no. Do they make mistakes, absolutely yes! Did they try their best, they sure did!
and this is truly all I can ask of them is to try their best and use what they know when they are writing their essay!

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