Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Goal setting board

I keep my bullitien boards pretty simple and consistent
...once there up there up...
I think one of the advantages to teaching middle school is that I do not have to change my classroom's theme. I am amazed that elementary school teachers turn out these theme filled classrooms year after year.
If my classroom did have a theme it would be "these our a few of my favorite things" I decorate my classroom with things that I like
Anyways back to the goal board
The picture on the left is this years board and the one on the right is last years.
I added these glitter letters that I cut out of scrap book paper and made them pop out from the board.
I plan on keeping this board going for a third year in a row. There might be a few adjustments...although I am not sure what they will be yet...


  1. If they meet the goals they post on the goal board do they move them to a different board?

  2. Hi Faith,

    No they do not move their goal to another board. The goal they post is something they want to improve on for the entire year...like spelling or read daily.

  3. This is great! Wondering if it would be possible to use a picture of your goal board in an eLearning program that we are creating for 4th-5th grade Wisconsin students. Thanks!
    ~M Jacobs


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