Monday, June 24, 2013

Writing goals

A new set of 8th graders are coming my way come August 8th. One of the advantages to teaching three grade levels is that I maintain the same set of students three years in a row. Unfortunately, for them it means that I give them work over the summer to complete. The seventh graders went home with multiple prompts to write over the summer...they were thrilled!
Well I have been thinking of some goals I want to set for this upcoming set of writers I will be developing. Here are some of my ideas:
I want to focus on setting individual writing goals for students and found this table to help monitor those goals. I like how it has a comlomn for accomplishments so we can celebrate what they have achieved in their writing.
I also want to steam line the editing/revising process. Grading multiple essays while teaching two other grade levels is an overwhelming task at times. I love how this teacher used colored highlighters to mean different areas students needed to fix in their essays.
Set up a schedule for conferencing with students about their writing. I managed to have one on one conversations with students this year to review their writing. I would love a set schedule for what is supposed to happen during these confrences and this little pie chart is a nice visual.
Have an organized system for students completed essays. This year I fully implemented interactive notebooks which was great, but a majority of their essays were kept in their notebooks. I would like them to write essays on seperate sheets of pare and then file them away for later use. Creating a mini portfolio of sorts.

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