Wednesday, July 3, 2013

A year in review

I must admit my fourth year of teaching was a breeze. There were as always a few ups and downs, but nothing too traumatic! 
As always IEPs consumes a good portion of my teaching career. If I am not in a meeting then I am prepping for an IEP. When I am conducting an IEP I typically schedule three in a row on one day that way I can knock them out. I hate being out of my classroom, but there is no solution to this problem!

Interactive notebooks
I dove head first into fully implementing interactive notebooks into the classroom and have loved every minute of it! These notebooks help stream line the whole process of teaching. I love how everything is organized and students have the ability to look back and recall what they have learned. I am going to be using interactive notebooks again next year as well.

A good friend of mine helped set my classes up to take their test via the smart board. I am not a fan of tests, but this new way of testing has completely changed my mind...much to my students dismay. 

The same friend that helped with the smart board tests also jazzed up the way vocabulary bellwork is conducted. Students used an interactive method to mastering their spelling and definition words for the week.
I am pleased with how my fourth year of teaching turned out and cannot wait to see what year five has to offer!

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