Wednesday, July 31, 2013

The tale of two pencils

I think everyone can agree something happens between elementary and middle school
The two sides are as different as night and day
Some prefer to avoid one or the other at all cost

To visualize this difference I give you two pencils

The first plain
If you saw it on the ground you would walk by and never look back
But do not let this plainness fool you. Behind the subtle wording lies a hot pink eraser not your average dull pink on any No. 2 this one is hot pink! It shouts look at me I'm different! This is middle school. One might think we are plain and lack cuteness, but we make up for it with attitude and  a little spunk! There is a chance that starring at something hot pink will give you a headache well the same can be said about middle schoolers unless you are used to all that brightness. Sure our students might be a little self-absorbed, but once you get to know them you will realize how amazing they truly are.  We can not be avoided even if you are trying to because after all we are a hot pink eraser!

The second adorable
There is not one centimeter on this pencil that is not covered in cuteness. It's bright and colorful everything that an elementary school student is. If pencils could move I'm pretty sure this one would be jumping up and down for no reason at all. This pencil begs to be picked first when solving a math equation and needs to be displayed on top of ones desk. Now all this cuteness can drain a person sure its nice for a couple of hours, but no one can compete with it.

I think it's safe to say we are either an overly cute pencil or one with a bright eraser. A person might change from one to another and if I were to pick one it would have one with a hot pink eraser.

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