Saturday, July 13, 2013


I am revamping my teacher area this year
Nothing too major
Last year I made this sign.
The letter hung behind my desk

 I had great intentions and if I was an elementary school teacher it would of been a great addition to the classroom. Unfortunately, I teach middle school and given the fact that I am semi-sarcastic in nature this little letter was the source of some entertainment this past school year.

For example:
Within the first couple of weeks a few 8th graders made their own rendition of the letter. 1. I believe you will never do your homework. 2. I trust in you? 3. I might listen to you 4. Cared for...What? 5.... 6. You will succeed if you do what I say 7. Everything will be okay if you do what I say
Then came this:
I think this one happened in January. One of my students was completing an essay behind my desk and he looked up at the letter and asked "how long has this been here...seconds pass...number seven is a lie." My comment back to him "Well, depending on who you are seven is true, but for you it's not!"
and this one:
During a student activity on figurative language where students had to define various examples of similes, hyperbole and student was having difficulty even when given numerous support. In other words my next option was to complete his work for him. Ten minutes later not much has changed and he relocates behind my desk to improve his focus. He reads the letter and says aloud "Miss how can I succeed if you will not help me?" Me: "I did help you multiple times and now it is your turn to create your own success."...silence

 The last week of school I decided to ditch the letter. I gifted it to one of my favorite 8th graders and put her name in the place of students.  To top it off I signed the back and wrote a note to her...she loved it!! So now that this sign is no longer in my possession I have an open area to deal with. Tune in Monday to see what I have planned.


  1. Your post made me smile! This is how middle school students a "t"! I so often find Pinterest projects that would just NOT jive with my middle school kids. And I don't even have 8th grade! (6th and 7th)

    This just goes to show that while elementary angels can be precious, preteens and teens can be precious gems in their own sarcastic way.

    Something I'm doing this year (that I think my kids will like) is making a mini-bulletin board collage by my desk of all Pinterest quote photos. My students, especially girls, like them and you know what? even if they don't...I do! =) Just a thought, maybe you could do something similar.

    1. I love my precious sarcastic gems...I would not trade them for elementary angels...well maybe somedays I would, but it wouldn't last long! There are a TON of Pinterest ideas and I have to "middle school" them up in order for them to work...TPT is the same way too.

      I love your idea about the quotes!! I will defiantly incorporate this into my classroom this year! Thanks!

  2. this makes me feel you are real. i too have these ideas but am also sarcastic and have high expectations of my students which can cause students not to like me. can't wait to see the new idea. also i must know where you got your hanging world map next to your desk?

    1. Thanks Karrie, I try to say it as it is...I'm not one to bluff! I would much rather be sarcastic than cute for sure with my students! The world map is a tapestry from Urban outfitters. You can purchase it online...I know they still have it and in different colors too!! I did have to sew plastic rings on the top top to hang it with command hooks...just FYI.

  3. Oh my goodness this post is cracking me up!!!!
    I actually made this EXACT same sign last year after seeing it in your blog.
    And I teach middle school and have the exact same problem. I actually kept the sign in my office... and I don't think any students ever really saw it unless they were in my office actually. And usually it's not for a good thing. I think the sign was more for ME.
    I can't wait to see what other ideas you have. :) Because I will go ahead and steal that too. hehe


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