Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Magic Dust

Usually when a student is transferred into my class it's not because they are lighting the world on fire.
Prior to them arriving I am typically told all the wonders they bring into a classroom
you know...
They're lazy
They never write
Can't read
Are incredibly low
and basically are a waste of space

After the motivating list has commenced I typically have a sarcastic comment
Oh, don't worry I'll just sprinkle my magic dust and everything will be okay.
This scenario occurred about a month ago....which is just how I like to start my Wednesday! Fast forward to this week and I'm a little confused with how this student is lazy and doesn't write when they are working on essay number two. Now granted this students first attempt at an essay was straight up plagiarized, which shows effort, but they re-wrote their essay, learned their lesson and is now working on essay number two. 
Oh and yesterday this student also recieved an A on their spelling test and when they found out there was a little dance celebration

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