Friday, March 6, 2015

Fearless fighter

A classroom consists of two main objects: teacher(s) and students
Day in and day out these two objects work hand in hand
 The schedule rarely changes
Students walk through a doorway on an hourly basis
Papers shuffle
Dull pencils are replaced with sharp points
The fearless fighter takes the stage 
 A performance is about to begin that their audience must comprehend

Hiding all worries and stress the fearless fighter lays out what is before them
Throughout the performance it is clear that things aren't going according to the plan 
The projector stops working
There's not enough copies
The amount of blank stares indicates there needs to be a swift change
Forever fearless the fighter marches on 

With an untrained eye this might go unnoticed for the fearless fighter is a master 
Not wavering with what their audience brings into the classroom 
They stay true to the course for they know what is at stake
Futures are built and molded within these walls
The fearless fighter will never give up
Defeat is not an option
Fighting for their audience is where their passion lies
For they are fearless

These daily performances are rarely seen by a majority of the world and yet we have all sat in these seats. No stage is needed and adoring fans do not ask for our autographs. There will be no write up in the local newspaper about how marvelous the act was. 
A small handful of individuals are its daily audience. 
Day in and day out the routine is nearly the same. 
Teachers and students working hand in hand. 
For they too are fearless fighters.

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