Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Know your audience

The time is approaching when black square hats will fly through the air. Numerous countdowns have surely begun. For graduation day is sooner than it appears. Oh what nerves and excitement emerge on this glorious day. Whether you are about to enter the Ivy League or step foot down a career path here is one piece of advice I would offer you: 
Know your audience. 
Being aware of your potential employer's or professor's take on life  will come in handy. Be an observer and a listener. Notice the words and actions that occur regularly. If you pick up that they are a positive person and stay away from criticism; perhaps you should lower your dosage of negativity. Even if you are complaining about who got kicked off of American Idol. I guess you can say starting a new career or education is like dating. Ease into the relationship. Get to know who you will now start to spend the majority of your time with. Do you have to become their clone? Absolutely not. Be your own person. Just be aware of your new surrounding and watch your Ps & Qs. I will leave you with something I tell my students on repeat: Act like a decent human being.

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