Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Availability over Ability

I am going to be completely honest with you...I really do not know where this post might lead...it could go down two roads: 1. disability or 2. religious.

I do however like the concept of "availability over ability." If you have all the ability in the world, but are not available to invest in other peoples lives that you just might be wasting your ability.

Our abilities may take us places, but if we are not available to go where God wants us to go then whats the point? I believe God is more interested in us being available to Him rather than us showing off all our abilities to the world. God desires us to be available rather than consumed with what we can profit from in our abilities. When we allow ourselves to be availiable to God he will take us farther than any ability on this earth ever could!

Not everyone is able, but everyone is available. Everyone is available to be reached despite what ability might be lacking. Do not look at the lack of ability and think "well why try to do this or that...what is the point?" How do you know if they are not able unless you try. You have to be avaliable to let any abilities shine!

Abilities might open up possibilities, but if we are not avaliable than why be abled?

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