Thursday, February 24, 2011

Reason #76 why I am not a vet

During the fall I visited my old roomate who attends UFs vet school. We went on a six mile hike, attended a Gator football game and then she showed me around UFs vet school. I always knew I would never work in the medical field and this little tour confirmed my reasonings.
We went through one of their labs and this is what I came face to face with. Multiple dead dogs in plastic lying on tables. You should be grateful that there is no smell button for blogs because the stench from the various dead animals was not pleasant! I asked C what the requirements for a dog to end up in a plastic bag on top of a lab table//In hopes that little Ruth would advance vet science once she has passed\\ and unfortunately there is a certain weight a dog has to sorry Rue no break though for you!
 I did not have the courage to nudge any of the puppys, but from the looks of them I assume they would be pretty hard. Some of the dogs had they limbs wrapped in material.
 Last, but not least we went through a walk in freezer where the ice cream had been replaced with dead frozen horses. These horses were held up with chains that were connected to the ceiling. The chains were used to push/drag the horse to their designated lab station to be worked on. C said that the day where horses are worked on is even better than dogs; I however do not see how this scenerio would be better. I saved you from the picture of a dead horses' head just lying on the floor for all to see...not a nice picture!!
One of the lab had a nice illustration on the chalk board

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