Thursday, February 24, 2011

You're invited

To go bare foot on April 5th to bring awareness to those who do not have shoes. TOMS shoes designates a day each year for you to take off your shoes and tell others how never having shoes affects individuals each year.

Did you know that in developing countries, children must walk barefoot for miles to school, clean water & medical help.

Hundreds of millions of children are at risk of injury, infection & soil-transmitted diseases that most can't afford to prevent and treat.

In certain regions of Ethiopia, wearing shoes and practicing good hygiene can prevent podoconiosis, a disease that causes swelling of the feet and legs due to prolonged exposure to irritant soil.

All of these issues would be non-existent if they had shoes!

Last year I participated in One Day without Shoes and had little issues; however this year I will be teaching...some what of a problem, but shoe less I will teach to bring awareness to those who do not have shoes.

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