Saturday, February 19, 2011

"You never gave me a referral but...

You did call my MOM"...this is exactly what I heard from one of my students on Thursday. Apparently, my phone call resulted in him not getting the touch screen phone that he wanted. In response to his comment I told him that I love his mom. In fact, I love all parents that are active in their children's makes my job much easier!

Then On Tuesday morning I received a call from a concerned parent whose child misplaced his planner on the bus. She was worried that he was going to lose his homework assignments from that week. Unfortunately, phone calls like this are extremely rare, in fact it was the first one I had ever received of this kind. What makes this call so unusual is: A. a parent called B. a student was using his planner C. he was worried about missing homework...which means this student does his homework D. the parent and student are communicating about school work and E. the parent gave me a work number to call when the situation//new planner// was resolved.

The truth of the matter is that parents play such a vital role in their children's lives. I know being a parent is a challenge, but unfortunately there is no substitute for this role. If you are a parent I applaud you for what you are doing in raising your children; it is one of the most challenging yet rewarding jobs!

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