Saturday, March 12, 2011

B is for birthdays and beach

Guess what blog is a year old today...Oh Happy Day! Who would have thought that I could blog for an entire year! What is even more remarkable is that this blog is actually older than one; Oh Happy Day was created sometime in 2008 and I completely forgot about it until a year ago//poor blog neglected for all that time\\ So in celebration and to rid myself of stress I spent my Saturday at the beach!
I visited Sanibel Island where I planted myself at Bowman's beach//my favorite\\. I love Bowman's beach because there is not a building in site and no cars can be heard. I like my beaches natural without any touristy attractions.
If you are a shell lover then you should visit Sanibel or Captiva Island because there are mountains of shells. I can always tell the serious shellers from the not so serious shellers. Dedicated shellers have nets with fancy bags to place their precious shells in. They stand in one spot for several minutes picking up more than one net full of shells praying that they find that special shell they have been hoping for. They look like they are panning for gold and not shells.

The not so serious shellers walk around kicking piles of shells with their feet holding a plastic baggie in their hand waiting to find a shell that they fancy. The funny thing is that the not so serious shellers will literally pick up any shell. I mean shells that have holes, broken in two and have barnacles growing off of them. Their baggies are overflowing with shells that serious shellers would glance over.
//can you tell that I spent a good amount of time observing people picking up shells today\\
I am not exactly sure what sheller I am...I walk, look and will occasionally pick up a couple shells. I always find the swirly shell above//I really should learn the name of some shells\\. I found four within in a minute and the one with a hole is just neat to hold up to your eye.

//Side note\\
I think I will write a book on beach etiquette since there is people that are unaware of how to behave at the beach

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