Sunday, March 20, 2011

Student Success Act

I have been trying to avoid blogging about SB 736 "Student Success Act." Unfortunately, SB 736 is hard to avoid and has taken up much of my valuable time.

I have scoured over article after article reading every bit of information I can find on this bill. I have gone as far as tracking the progress of SB 736 //I never thought I would stalk a bill\\ Emailed countless people that might be influential in this bill being changed or not passing. Lost sleep due to my brain non-stop thinking about the repercussions that will take affect once this bill is signed into law. Spent time at the beach to de-stress and forget about what is about to happen in education. //When I was at the beach a group of ladies, that sat a few feet away, were talking about...yep, you guessed it SB 736\\

Once signed into law SB 736 will:

1. tie 50 percent of public school teacher's salaries to students performance on standardized tests over the course of three years
2. eliminate tenure for teachers hired after 2014
3. prohibit school districts from considering advanced degrees earned by school teachers when determining salary

This past week I received not one, not two, not three, but four people apologizing for this bill being passed. I feel like there should be a funeral for every ESE student and teacher to attend for the lack of consideration in SB 736.

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