Tuesday, March 1, 2011

High Fives

Well today was the day. 4th, 8th and 10th graders took the FL writes. I usually dread tests, but today was different. I was excited to watch my students demonstrate all that they have learned this year and thankfully I was not disappointed in what I saw.

My student and I were relieved when we read the prompt which was similar to an essay they wrote over Christmas break. They may have groaned over homework during break, but I only heard sounds of joy when they realized the similarities between the two prompts! //there is a method to my madness\\ I had barely handed out all the material and said my speech before students were biting at the bit to start writing. In August they would have never been this eager to start writing, but they truly have grown as writers. I was literally told to stop talking! Watching them write was pure JOY as I saw them plan, pre-write and write their essays. If it was up to me they all deserve a passing grade for the growth and improvement they have made as writers!

Since my 8th graders missed their lunch window a couple of them gathered at a side lunch table to eat together. After I turned in my box of supplies I headed over to their table to see what they were chattering about. As I approached them they began to high five one another for a job well done!

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