Monday, October 10, 2011

10 on 10: Classroom edition

Well 10 on 10 has invaded the classroom
Today we had our monthly writing be prepared to see a lot of writing related photos

//Side Note\\
Trick of the trade pull a camera out and students start writing.
While students were writing away I was typing my fingers as fast as I could to complete my progress reports. Fantastic news...I finished them ALL and stuffed them in envelopes...all thanks to my wonderful teacher aide!!
Writing goals to reach on progress reports
Cap Erasers are a must on essay day
8th graders started the day off "write"
I can not wait to see how they perform on FL writes!
Writing portfolios are used to document student's progress as they grow as writers.
I enjoy watching and hearing students reaction as they look back on their past essay.
6th grade fumble
They write where they feel comfortable
Showing off some progress
 7th graders are starting to get the hang of this whole writing thing



  1. love the classroom shots - today was just one of those days I couldn't get mine out! oh well, there is always november!

  2. Ok. I gotta know where at in FL you are. I am in Kissimmee/St. Cloud and teach 4th my students too will take FCAT Writes! & how in the world do you still have a teacher aide?! Jealous!

  3. I teach in Lee county, but you should also know I am an ESE teacher so that is why the extra help is in my classroom!

    Thanks for stopping by ladies! I loved your photos too!!

  4. i really love the shot of those folders! cool perspective, and love the colors. great set!

  5. What a good teacher you are! I don't remember ever having that much fun and color in my English classes growing up. :-)


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