Thursday, November 17, 2011

Leaves Full of Thanks

To bring my students and myself into the Thanksgiving mood...
Since it seems a magority of the world has gone from Halloween to Christmas in under two seconds...
I came up with a little Thanksgiving project full of thanks.
 For this weeks bellwork assignment students have been writing a thank you letter to one of their current teachers.
I took myself out of the mix and if they wanted to write a thank you note to me than they would need to write two letters.
//oddly enough students still wrote thank you letters to me\\
 The letters were divided into goups which my 8th graders will be delivering to each teacher's door next Monday and Tuesday.
To help students write their letters I compiled a list of thank you letters words and phrases they could work into their note. As they finished each letter I edited their work. Then they traced a leaf and rewrote their letter. I assigned a couple of students to tie twine and twist a pipe cleaner to each leaf.

I really enjoyed reading each of the heartfelt letters. I find it interesting that the students that give a teacher a hard time are the ones they wrote a note to. This just goes to prove that even if students seem hot and bothered that you are holding them to higher standards; they deep down appriciate what you are doing.


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  1. love this idea! how great that even with TWO letters, your kids still wrote you one. What a great idea for everyone, I'm sure your colleagues appreciated the kind thoughts!


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