Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Pull apart goodness

First off
I would like to say that I had no part in making this delicious Thanksgiving bread, but I did decipher the difference between horizontal and vertical.
I did observe that the recipe requires several steps, but the end result is worth it.
After you role the dough out you cut it out into strips...the recipe goes into more detail about this process.
Then you stack the strips
And cut the dough strips into chunks
Let the dog sample the dough
//not in the recipe\\
This is where my expertise came in handy...stacking the dough vertically and not horizontal
We apparently stacked too much dough in the pan and the ends popped up a little and one piece fell victim to the oven floor.
Add a little glaze and you have an amazing breakfast

You can locate the recipe on Sunny Side Up in San Diego which we discovered on Pinterest
{a.k.a. crack for those that are creative}

Happy Thanksgiving
or those that do not celebrate Happy Thursday!

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