Tuesday, February 5, 2013

And then there was this...

Interesting blog about a woman teaching middle school LA

So if you have a blog you are able to view how people come to your little piece of the Internet. A majority of my foot traffic is from pinterest...which if you have taken a picture from this blog and placed it on pinterest while referencing back to Oh Happy Day...I thank you.

Back to the picture
Yesterday was an interesting day. I teach three grade levels and if I have a spare moment I am usually working on multiple projects at the same time. Well, my project list has doubled and my ability to be ahead of the game in the classroom has dwindled. Case in point my lesson plans have not been turned in for the week...its in my calender, but has not been submitted via oncourse.

while shifting through the foot traffic on this here blog I came upon this re post of my paper chains. When I read the caption I was instantly amused. I tend to be a tad bit sarcastic with a pinch of skepticism thrown in for fun. And something about that caption just put a cherry on the top of my Monday.

So there you have it a pointless blog post
but I am okay with that

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  1. yes, it is always interesting to see where most of your blog foot traffic comes from. mine seems to be google images, and sometimes pinterest. I love the caption from the pin you found, I think it is a great way to start the work week. I get what you mean about feeling that you have less time for your lessons with so many things pulling you in different directions. This year having three different preps almost killed me and made me sad, because I felt that last year when I just taught one grade level and subject, my classroom rocked. anyways, keep on rockin' lady, I always love your peeks into your classroom via instagram!


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