Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Finger painting

I picked up a set of three canvas at hobby lobby with a goal of bringing out my inner five year old. I am pretty sure that most of my adventures in finger painting did not turn out to look as nice as the one below, but I suppose my skills are a little more advanced.
Then I saw this little saying on Etsy and decided to do a little re-create with a twist. The original was done in all black, but I decided to add some sparkle to the end of this quote. I used black paint for all the letters up into the word sparkle and let the paint dry. Then I used decoupage and went over the letters for sparkle and sprinkled gold glitter over it. An added bonus was that some of the black paint was not completely dry causing a light dusting on the black paint.
The third canvas is yet to be used.

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