Monday, February 4, 2013

The one with his head down

If you take a close look at this photo you will see that there are four students working and one student doing the opposite. I shall call this student Mr. F.
Let me give you some background information on Mr. F:
I have taught him language arts for two and a half years.
Half of sixth, all of the seventh and what is left of 8th grade.
He originally started off in general education classrooms, but was not making it so he was placed in all intensive classes.
I do believe his goal was to land himself into a life skills class so he would have the least amount of work possible...and by looking at the picture he close to completing this goal.
I have done everything possible to help him be successful.
Called "parents"
Spoke with other teachers
tried to get him to attend tutoring
gave him the benefit of the doubt
Provided him with art supplies
praised him with no end in sight
supported him when others wrote him off
and yet this is what I get. Head down with no interest to improve his writing ability. Now, he does have good days and even great days, but these last couple of weeks have been rough for him, myself and everyone around him. I am at the point where I have to let him go and give the attention he would be getting to my other students because clearly he has given up.
Do I want to give up on Mr. F?
Has he given me anything to work with?
If by chance he starts beliving in himself again I will reposition myself as his biggest supporter...until then I have others students to worry about.

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