Monday, August 5, 2013

A little reminder

This past weekend was my school's open house 
Everything went as planned parents and students came and were given information about the upcoming school year.

With this being my fifth year of teaching I had some special visitors as well
Previous students as well as parents filtered in throughout the open house to catch up 
At one point they were all in my classroom at once just hanging out and chatting about their favorite memories. I loved every minute!
Like I mentioned before parents were also there and one parent and her student stayed in my classroom for a good hour just relaxing and talking. As new students came in I would give them the song and dance about vocabulary, writing, homework and supplies they would need. While I was talking I could hear the mother talking to her son telling him what an amazing teacher I was and so on. New students continued to walk through my door and I would walk them through my open house talk and the mom was quietly singing my praises behind me. This scenario continued for a while and I really didn't realize the amazingness of this situation until the next day and when I did tears automatically fell from my eyes.

There are multiple times throughout the year that I don't think I'm doing my best. What this mom did proved that even though I don't think I'm giving it my all there are those out there that do. I had her son for three years and she appreciated everything I did. I need to keep her gentle praises in mind for those days that seem a little gloomy.

I am so grateful that she filled my classroom with positive affirmations for the upcoming school year! I cannot imagine a better way to start the school year with! 

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  1. How wonderful. I had a similar experience this year. Really filled my bucket.
    You are amazing. I'm lucky to call you a friend.


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