Monday, August 19, 2013

And so it begins

Well summer is officially over since the first week of school has come and gone!
I love how students are all, well a majority of them, quiet.
They come in bright eyed and bushy tail ready for the new school year and it's not until a couple weeks later when they start to show their true colors. I hope the newness of them lasts for a month or two. 
Last week was full of procedures and the ever so popular bio poem for the beginning of the year. I somehow managed to skip the bio poem last year and I was slightly reminded why this year...the poem has been done numerous times 4th grade, 5th grade and now 6th grade. The bio poem should retire. 

Last year my 8th graders wrote an"I am from" poem which is a rendition of the bio poem just more mature. But my 8th graders this year dove head first into writing essays and might I add that if I read another lame prompt I might throw up!
The principal at your school is considering having students wear uniforms...write to convince your principal whether or not students should wear uniforms.
Well here's to week number two let it go as smoothly as the first week

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