Friday, July 31, 2015

Figurative Language Stories

I love teaching figurative language. I could spend a entire year diving into figurative language goodness. Well that might be an exaggeration. 
Hello Hyperbole.
 This year I kicked off figurative language with a goold ole' foldable. Where students defined each term and wrote a sentence example. Next we jumped into reading short stories that used figurative language and they had to identify examples as they read.
Then I unrolled their assessment for figurative language. They were going to write their own figurative language story (3 paragraphs). I gave them a variety of settings they could base their story off of (the beach, grocery store, school, bookstore and so on). They were required to write an example of each figurative language in a separate sentence in their story.  Students began this project by writing one sentence for each figurative language that would fit within their story. They were given a graphic organizer for this portion of the assignment. Each figurative language was assigned a different color to underline within their story. They provided a colored key and drew a picture to go along with their story. Loved this project and I am looking forward to doing this again next year.

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